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Chimera Investment Corporation is a New York City-based Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), founded in 2007. Our income is primarily generated by the difference between the income we earn on our assets and our financing and hedging costs. As a credit-focused hybrid mortgage REIT, we invest in residential mortgage loans as well as Agency and non-Agency mortgage-backed securities.

Latest Financial Results

Q1 2023

Quarter Ended Mar 31, 2023


1st quarter GAAP net income of $0.17 per diluted common share


1st quarter Earnings available for distribution* of $0.13 per diluted common share


1st quarter GAAP book value of $7.41 per common share

As of Mar. 31, 2023 • Q1 2023 Earnings Release

* Non-GAAP Financial Measures. View full reconciliation in our Q1 earnings press release.

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Latest Annual Filing

For Fiscal Year Ending Dec 31, 2022

“This quarter Chimera committed to purchase $1.25 billion of diversified mortgage loans, completed three securitizations, reduced recourse leverage by $237 million, and generated a 2% total economic return. Since the quarter ended, including a securitization we expect to close later today, we have completed four securitizations, reduced our RPL loan warehouse exposure to zero, and reduced our recourse leverage by a further $400 million, all in a very challenging environment. We remain optimistic about our future. Our ability to execute loan purchases and securitizations highlights the overall strength of Chimera’s franchise value.”

Phillip Kardis, Chief Executive Officer

May 4, 2023

A Leading Residential Credit Hybrid Mortgage REIT

Chimera Investment Corporation is a publicly traded real estate investment trust, or REIT, that is primarily engaged in the business of investing directly or indirectly through its subsidiaries, on a leveraged basis, in a diversified portfolio of mortgage assets, including residential mortgage loans, Non-Agency RMBS, Agency CMBS, Agency RMBS, and other real estate related securities.

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Our Portfolio Performance by the Numbers (QoQ)

(Dollars in millions. Except per share data) Q1 2023 Q4 2022 Q3 2022 Q2 2022
GAAP Earnings $0.17 $0.34 -$0.88 ($0.76)
Earnings Available for Distribution(1) $0.13 $0.11 $0.27 $0.31
Common Dividend $0.23 $0.23 $0.23 $0.33
Total Assets $14,204 $13,402 $13,669 $14,033
Stockholders Equity $2,649 $2,667 $2,654 $2,973
GAAP Book Value $7.41 $7.49 $7.44 $8.82

(1)Earnings Available for Distribution is a non-GAAP measure.

As of Mar. 31, 2023 • Q1 2023 Earnings Release

(Dollars in thousands. Except per share data) Q1 2023 Q4 2022 Q3 2022 Q2 2022
Interest Income $189,250 $187,286 $188,303 $195,357
Interest Expense $119,615 $106,891 $83,464 $78,467
Net Interest Income $69,635 $80,395 $104,839 $116,890
Average Yield, Interest-earning assets 5.5% 5.5% 5.5% 5.6%
Average Cost, Interest-bearing liabilities 4.1% 3.9% 3.0% 2.7%
Net Interest Spread 1.4% 1.6% 2.5% 2.9%

As of Mar. 31, 2023 • Q1 2023 Earnings Release

Control Q1 2023 Q4 2022 Q3 2022 Q2 2022
Agency RMBS as percent of portfolio 0% 0% 0% 0%
Agency CMBS as percent of portfolio 2% 3% 3% 3%
Securitized Loans as percent of portfolio 90% 88% 88% 87%
Non-Agency RMBS as percent of portfolio 8% 9% 9% 10%
GAAP Leverage 4.1:1 4.0:1 3.9:1 3.7:1
GAAP Leverage (Recourse) 1.2:1 1.3:1 1.1:1 1.1:1

As of Mar. 31, 2023 • Q1 2023 Earnings Release and Financial Supplement

Dividend History

Chimera has declared $6 billion in cumulative distributions to stockholders.

(in thousands)

  • Common Dividend
  • Preferred Dividend
  • Special Dividend

As of Mar. 31, 2023 • Q1 2023 Earnings Release

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Explore Our Mortgage Portfolio

As a hybrid mortgage REIT, we invest in both Agency and non-Agency mortgage assets. This approach allows for flexibility in portfolio asset allocation and liability management, which contributes to our organization's success.

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Incorporating ESG into Our Business

We believe our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts not only contribute to the greater good for our communities, they contribute to our continued business success. That's why we incorporate our ESG goals into every business decision - from our energy efficient headquarters to the investments we make.

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